10. Photoshop Tutorials – Digital Landscape Walkthrough

In this tutorial, I’ll be walking through an hour and a half speed painting done as practice at 300%. I’ll be trying to explain some of the thought processes and techniques used to create the final result.

Just a note about the end, because camtasia is awful for editing and premiere cs3 does a poor job of reading the codec for recording I had to guestimate how long the final picture should be up for. Camtasia, unlike premiere, doesn’t shrink the video on the timeline to its new speed. I…


  1. The art is awesome, much better than anything I could ever do…but I am thinking it looks a bit "dull"/dim/lifeless compared to say the Hudson paintings you mentioned. Not a criticism, just what I am feeling.

  2. so digital art is basically just making lines in a specific order over and over again with different hardness, size, and color? Huh. I always keep thinking that its basically like drawing like on paper. Its so much easier to achieve realism via digital art.

  3. i just learned to lock transparent pixels. Such a time saver that i didn't knew about! Also i love the way you use curves, i should use that tool much more. Very nice video!

  4. This painting is absolutely beautiful. You're very talented and you're illustrations inspire me to draw more detailed landscapes.Thank you for posting these videos!

  5. okay im confused,pls tell me how you made that Curve box at the end go Black bcs i couldnt make the light better for the drawing .I did that curve layer thing and did that Red Blue then RBG thing , and after that i couldnt continue bcs that curve layer didnt go black like yours did so i dont know how to lighten the sky like you did

  6. hey, could u share with us brush u used to make mountains shape at begining , cos my is just solid color and i want it to change color intensivitiy like yours

  7. once the brush pack has been installed, does anyone know how to identify the new brushes? they all have so many numbers

  8. Man, if you aren't teaching college you need to be. Thanks so much for having such an objective perspective on how to do this! I've been curious about digital painting for a while (I'm a fine art guy) and this really put things into perspective!

  9. thanks a lot for this useful tutorial!
    I really like the kind of brush you're using while drawing the rocks and mostly everything ~ can I have it please? :3

  10. "The sharpen tool can harden up the edges on say a rock and give the illusion that it is… well, a rock." I laughed.

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