1. I was truggling to get a nice way to present my horizontal website to my developper, this is the best way to show it, separating every section with the snap! Thanks a lot, I'm really surprised this only has 25000 views after 2 years!

  2. sad how Adobe Flash became the red-headed step-child after revolutionizing web design into something like Web 1.5, it was so much better and could also export GIF's from its vector tween animations AND IT COULD EVEN DO IT ON TYPE – WOW how do you release XD and can't manipulate type

  3. Great Lesson! I have a question, kindly guide me Sir, can we make an animation on mouse hover or animation loop on click or default animation, for example if I move on login page to profile page. and there is a quick action button,. and i want that button default loop animation, blink or little moving effect , or glowing effect etc.. ? is this possible, ? hope you got my point.

  4. Hello from Morocco. You're awesome guys.
    At 26:20 i didn't get how you created the mask. A very very brief explanation would be enough so i can search for more details on my own.

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