How to Match Fonts from Images in Photoshop

Today we show you how to use Photoshop to identify any font used in a photo, and then create your own text that blends in perfectly with the scene. Learn how to use the Type options in Photoshop to match a font, create new text, and then use a variety of adjustments to make the new text match the lighting, color, and perspective of the photograph!

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  1. Font matching is getting better – but – it's still a lot of hit-or-miss for me. Usually they miss certain 'characteristics' of the font. I'm not an expert at all; seems like one could focus on certain characteristics of a couple of 'key' letters to determine a closer match? Maybe certain fonts are copyrighted to prevent such matching? One thing I'm certain of is that this technology will continue to improve …

  2. Excellent again – as usual. This is the best Photoshop training channel on the web, along with PixImperfect. Ton's of free knowledge presented professionally.

  3. I like that Adobe added the match font feature but it isn't as good as WhatTheFont. The font that should have been used to match the font on the gas pump is Swis721 Condensed BT.

  4. Always love watching your tutorials. Great tool though and is very helpful for sure. The G not matching in this one bugged me thoroughly though lol 🙂

  5. I've had Photoshop for like 15 years and I can't believe I'm still learning. I didn't know this tool existed.

  6. Your tutorials are all remakes now. You no longer teach us anything new? What happened man? Show us how to make diamond text. That would be nice. One without using the clouds. I would love to see you do a pen and pixel diamond font type text tutorial. Just a suggestion Aaron

  7. Not optimal that you can't have the cloud fonts dialog box open at all times, and you have to take a screenshot. 🙈
    Some of those dialog boxes haven't changed since photoshop 3.0.

  8. I was just looking for a good way to match text in an image. I’ll definitely give this a try. Thanks so much Phlearn, always taking it to the next level.

  9. Just an easier / faster way to create (or release) a clipping mask, is to press the Alt /Opt key and take your cursor between layers. Great video as usual! Thanks!!

  10. Great tutorial, I never knew this feature existed but your choice is horrible. It does not match at all. The "E"s and especially the "G" are completely different and easy to see. The first font was actually closer to the original one.

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