How to use MAGICAL NEW Photoshop 2022 Object Finder.

New in Photoshop 2022, object finder, Instantly and automatically makes selections in Photoshop. Learn how to use this new photoshop feature in depth. Colin Smith shows you how to remove backgrounds, cut out objects or isolate areas with selections and masks that are automatically created like magic by Photoshop.

NEW FEATURES OF PHOTOSHOP 2022 October 2021 new upgrade of PS.
Learn all the best new features of Photoshop 2022, learn the tips and tricks and how to use the new features in…


  1. Great info. I created a Photoshop template and cannot get the guides to stay locked. Have to lock them EVERY TIME I open the template. Also have to Save As every time. Frustrating.

  2. can you help me please? when i choose object selection tool nothing happened even i hover nothing happened no ble color stuff, what can i do? please help me… thank you…

  3. Iโ€™m struggling to pick more than one object at once? Iโ€™m guessing itโ€™s something so simple Iโ€™m not doing

  4. Thanks, Colin. You always do a great job on all your tutorials. You are very thorough and explain everything so well, I am constantly learning from you. Keep up the great work.

  5. Thanks, Colin! Even when I think I've seen everything on a feature, you always manage to teach me some new aspect of it. I missed your MAX session, but I'm going back to check it out in the next few days. Looking forward to learning even more!

  6. Can you make one mask that includes all (or some) of the objects. The masks you made seemed to be for each object separately.

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