How You Can Make a Vertical Photomerge Panorama Merge in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements Photomerge Panorama
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  1. Thanks for getting this to work for me — I never would have looked in Guided edit, since it was always in the File or Enhance menus in previous versions. I had trouble because I didn't know that edited photos had to be saved first, and also didn't see the little "Create Panorama" button WAY down at the bottom right. This was much more straightforward in earlier versions.

  2. As always, thank you George. Do you have any advice or a video on removing those shadowy artifacts that happen often at the seams of the stitched photos when you make a panorama. Usually the happen accross the sky or in water and they are very annoying to try to eliminate. Content-aware fill doesn't work well for me and clone stamping in a non-textured sky looks terrible. Thanks for all your tutorials (and the course as well).

  3. Hi George and thankyou so much for your great tutorials. I am having a number of issues with elements 2019. Recently I tried to do a photomerge as you have instructed but it crashes out every time it gets to the stage of putting the pictures together. I have now lost my editor workspace altogether and it will not open for anything. It is not the first time that the programme has crashed and I have had to start over. Have you any suggestions as to how I can get the editor workspace back and what may be causing the crashes?

  4. Excellent tutoriel as usual, George. I have never considered vertical panorama – not sure if I have ever felt the need for it! But, the technique you used to overcome the standard horizontal panorama, together with using.the content aware tool, worked so well. Many thanks.

  5. George, great job on the photo merge especially the rotating on the side to create a new perspective. That can be a really big help in a lot of situations. If you are in a smaller room, you never can get into a position to take a shot of the whole room, it just is not big enough. Same goes for a car interior, you get a much more inclusive photo using this method. Thanks for the idea and the run through, just helped create a lot of new ideas putting pictures together. I shot a nice picture of a cow the other day but really wanted to include all the cattle in the background. This would be a good way of doing that.

    Unlimited potential, thanks for all you do!


  6. Great tutorial.. I tend to forget about the built in guided edit features, so this was a good reminder for me. As always; Thank You so much for your hard work with these tutorials, they definitely makes my editing life easier.

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