I Created a REALISTIC ARCANE VI in Photoshop!

I am super excited to tell you that I was invited by @Envato to participate in the Arcane fan-art showdown! And this is a really epic team-up with many of our favorite incredible artists and creators all around the world coming together for some Arcane action! We will get to see so many epic styles of artwork come together. And in this video, I will show you how I created my entry.

Be sure to check out the artworks of all the creators participating in the event over at Envato’s Competition…


  1. Words can't describe how i felt after watching this video……Fantastic piece, your process had me questioning my own skills. SUBSCRIBED

  2. Don't put down your painting skills. You nailed those gauntlets! I wasn't sure about the model you chose for VI but you made me a believer. You even added the tiny bit of distortion caused by the flying glass. Now that is attention to detail.

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