Increase Blur to Sharpen Better? – Photoshop Trick

Discover a Unique Technique to Sharpen an Image by Blurring it in Photoshop! In this lesson, learn how to sharpen much better in many scenarios than the traditional method by using the combination of special blend modes and Gaussian Blur.

We will also compare and discuss the differences between this method and the High Pass method to see what’s better in a given situation. Also, we will learn how to use a free action to make the sharpening & detailing process much faster and easier.



  1. ITS ALWAYS A GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE FROM YOU. I look forward to seeing your videos. I must say you should be a professor at some college please students today need professors like you. i am professor myself and i so want that some day i would be able to call you for my kids

  2. This is such a fantastic channel. This particular lesson struck a chord with me after coming home from a vacation with a few pictures I thought were unusable until I used these methods. Thank you for your constant stream of inspiration! You're genuinely my favorite PS teacher on YouTube by far!

  3. You are the master. Thank you for taking something complex and explaining it so clearly. I feel as if I struck gold when I found your videos. Keep 'em coming!

  4. Unmesh, in high pass you get rid of colour part. In vivid light you still keep colour information. May be this is why you get different results?

  5. Slow down!!!!! I know you can go back and watch again, but you are just a little too fast. Stop for a breath, occasionally. Your work is great.

  6. I have a photography question. I am not a photographer but I want customers to upload an image. It will be reduced in size to fit on my product.

    I don't want to lose resolution. Since the image they upload will be used to print on something. What is the software per say. I can install on my website that will automatically resize and embed pixels in a photo for it to be print ready.

  7. Whoa! I’ve been a professional photo editor for several years now and I’ve never heard of this! I’m definitely going to use this trick. Thank you for sharing!

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