My FULL Illustration Process in Clip Studio Paint!

Check out my brushes! (I use the same brushes/workflow for Procreate, Photoshop & CSP) :

Parcslope iPad Stand:

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  1. This is gorgeous I love this!! I tried a free trial for Clip Studio Paint a couple of years ago and I loved it!!! I work with Procreate, because of simp.ified features like the ones in this software program. Also you mention the tattoo part of your drawing. This piece of wonderful artwork, I would love to get it as a tattoo. There's a really good tattoo shop in my town and I"ve heard that they have some excellent artists who could make tattoos that look exactly like this painting, with the amount of intricate detail and shading. I'd love to get one like that/this one some day. I have a bunch of finished ones very similar to this saved in a tattoo board on PInterest.

  2. Josh is so good everything in the video is such an inspiration
    The cinematography, audio, artwork even the tips and tricks

  3. “The flatting process usually reveals issues with the drawing that I have to go back and fix.” Man, I felt that. Just finished a piece a few days ago that seemed fine when I was lining it, but I’d scaled the head of one of the characters up because it seemed small while drawing. But then after coloring it, his head was too big. I was too far into the process to easily scale it back down though, so I just left it as it was. RIP.

    I also feel the love for painting in values. We’re very similar, and that’s one of the reasons I love watching your videos!

  4. As much as I truly love your videos, whenever I see you sitting in your studio, all I can somehow think of is how crazy high your electric bill must be.

  5. This inspires me to actually try digital art when my birthday comes up! I just love your art! I love sketching characters because I have many ideas flowing through my brain!
    I'm curious do you do traditional art? 😊
    Do you have sketchbooks to plan out your upcoming artwork? 🤔
    I'm hoping to see more videos from you, be safe and keep up with your health! Thanks for the great video!

  6. I invested in this program but just can’t get used to it 🙁 it’s so fun and quirky but feels like it has too many options…

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