My Photoshop Brushes || Digital Art Brush Set

Download my Brushes here:

(The link is fixed!)

Hello! Today I’m showing you exactly what brushes I use and how I use them. I actually only use three different brushes but they do exactly what I want out of them. Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for watching.


  1. Aaaaa I love those brushes! That definitely would so much help in drawing sketches and linearts, thank you so much! 😍💖

  2. I’ve been using this brushes for years now but now I started to work with procreate instead and I really want to use your brushes, does this work with procreate?

  3. What size do you use for your canvas? I really struggle with this and zooming in and out thinking my resulution is bad when the lines get all pixeled!?

  4. For some reason i cant download your brushes, i just get an error that the site cant be reached, could you reupload, or show how you set up your ink brush via settings, so i can create one in PS. Thanks in advance.

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