New Photo Restoration Neural Filter in Photoshop

Do you love Neural Filters in Photoshop? We’ve got another one for you! Here is a look at the all-new Photo Restoration Neural Filter. Coming Soon! Learn how to restore old photos in a single click by automatically removing scratches, reducing noise, and correcting colors to restore those precious memories.

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  1. lol they become different persons with different facial features after the neural restoriation…

  2. Adobe aren’t doin* anyone any favours. There are people who can do this will much more skill and realism than this filter can do. It’s a shame. As everything will get fun through the “push a few buttons” filter. And look equally mechanised and weird.

  3. While I understand that adding an action can create a short cut to restoring an image, I do not see an AI plugin in the Neural Filter section of PS CC v.23.4.0, which is the newest update? Please let us know if this is available and how you got it.

  4. All of the neural filters are awful. Please stop bloating Photoshop with this gimmicky junk and give us some solid, reliable new features.

  5. The first photo restored is a total different person :/ with different eyes

    The classificator finds in the DB the closest "person" to the one in the photo and then glues it to the original

  6. So its using once again open source AI with just added UI. But they have rainbow logo and rainbow spinning wheel for the mouse. So much for multi-billion dollar company.

  7. Where is this filter? I updated Ps and there is no restoration section or photo restoration action.

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