Photoshop: How to Create the Planet, JUPITER in Outer Space!

Photoshop CC 2022 tutorial showing how to create an outer space scene of the planet, Jupiter.

Jupiter texture map:

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  1. As always Marty amazing artwork, i have a question regarding on the new Adobe version 2022 its been buging me, In Photoshop 2022 will the smart object smart filters be gone? I read in the adobe page that all 3D features will be gone with the new version. I want to know if its ok to update to version 2022, thanks Marty

  2. I watched one of your videos years ago and never stopped since then. Seeing you getting towards one million subs makes me feel happy for you. You seem to be one of the last "no-BS" tutorial creators out there. Straight forward and easy to follow, yet highly professional and without any distractions. Nothing worse than watching tutorials of people who are showing their faces more than the actual subject. Or who put music over their videos that just makes you want to mute it, but you can't, because you have to listen to what they are saying. Thanks, Marty. Seriously.

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