Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a STARRY NIGHT SKY with NORTHERN LIGHTS

Photoshop tutorial showing how to add shimmering stars & northern lights to a night or evening sky.

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  1. Would bee great to see a update of this tutorial with the new Photoshop 2021 as the gradient window has changed. Thanks 👍🏾

  2. Are there any tutorials you can provide a link for to create that blue lightning tv intro with falling snow & no top light beams? thanks

  3. When I changed the perspective of the blues gradient, more than half of my photo was light purple from the right side of the gradient and didn't look anything like how your gradient was. My stars also weren't as big as yours but I did exactly as instructed….

  4. In another tutorial, I got the solution, maybe is useless for you as probably are more skill than I am using Photoshop… to get the small arrow, it needs to click and hold Alt+Windows button or Option+right click on Adjustment layer, then, click on what you need, in my case Hue/Saturation. Thank you for the tutorial, probably I didn't hear what I had to do, my fault.

  5. I'm not able to change the stars color, when I click on colorize, everything changed colors, , except stars… I saw that in the video there's a small arrow to indicate that the hue/saturation layer will change the only STARS layer. I can't get that arrow. I don't know why, perhaps I'm not using the same Photoshop? Mine is CS5. Please, some help, thank you from Tallinn, Estonia.

  6. Awesome! I did it and it worked great. Just one thing is that when I did the Add noise my white dots were real tiny, maybe because i had much smaller resolution. But im happy with the result.

  7. Just a thought… when you create the layer mask for the stars from the 'Trees' selection, hold down the ALT key when clicking the create layer mask icon. It will get created inverted like you wanted. Love your videos!

  8. Thanks, That helped! How do I get the entire layer to be black, just the trees turn black in my image and thats not what the video showed. You added noise to an entirely black layer.

  9. Devan Mayer…Issue #1: After you add noise and blur it, zoom way into the image and THEN use your levels. Zoom out and it should be fine. It's a glitch. Issue #2: It may be that the layer mask isn't correct.

  10. Hi, Marty! I seem to be having some troubles. First, when I entered the numbers in the levels panel, the "stars" appeared few and spaced apart, but when I clicked 'ok' the noise changed settings somehow.

    My second issue involved inverting the "stars." When I hit "Ctrl" + "I", it inverted, but the stars did not show up in the sky.

  11. omg thank you so much, i have been trying to figure out for a a few days now why when merging the noise i thought i got rid of comes back. definitely subscribed.

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