Photoshop Tutorials – Photoshop Blend & Retouching

Full video editing package tutorial discusses skin retouch photos retouch, shadow and light, blur the background and coloring.
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  1. Bro, punya ku kok aku pencet alt pas waktu di mixer brush , posisi di layer kosong itu, kok nggk muncul.seleksi warnanya ya?? Contoh di wajah , nggk ngaruh?!

  2. How I can download this Stock Image? because you didn't provide the link of the image. And also tell me, where I can find Good Images for Photoshop 🙂

  3. Magnificent video,
    but if you don't mind. I ask you one question, you are not too young boy means you are like a 17-18 years old boy, so you are student, as I am. so I want to know from where you learned Photoshop as expert ? 🙂 please reply 🙂

  4. awsuuuuummmm…….
    you deleted those droplets from hand …how can i do the skin touch by saving details..i mean how to keep those water droplets…

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