Redesigning YOUR Photoshop Projects! EP14

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Video Description: Any like league of legends? Maybe Demon Slayer anime? WELL, learn compositions to awesome posters, or fun ways to navigate a anime header instance in…


  1. I like the design choices of the team fight tactics redesign but the information and logos are far too small to be engaging. Having to search for the event date isn’t good.

  2. I'm just at the first redesign but woow you did an amazing job, I myself prefer the 96 participants to have stayed black maybe or a gray, but you really made an amazing poster and made me interested in the game thanks to the visuals!

  3. Hello, i just bought myself photoshop after using pixlr for the longest time. and there are a lot of things I see you have which I don't any videons on how you got your photoshop?

  4. Bro 1st redisgn was the best way anyone s could've pulled it off but… Subjectively speaking, you ruined that anime header 💜 much love and respect.
    P.S. try doing some anime poster on a clear mind when you are not tired so we can enjoy your full potential.

  5. Hey Seso! I have a quick question
    In 2020-2022 photoshop I noticed that grabbing the side of the transform tool and holding shift+alt doesn't let the transform keep the same aspect ratio and deforms it, but for some reason yours does it right. How did you make it do that?

  6. first one is great, only thing is the perspective on the background characters are a little wonky, the further from the camera they get, the smaller their perspective should be but it seems to be opposite

  7. The second one it ain't it for some reason for me.. maybe because i have watched the show and stuff like that is not happening in demon slayer.. but i like how it turned out

  8. god damn man.. been following u for a while but not watching as much.. but this.. THIS IS FUN, cool redesigns man. <3

  9. I think the little penguin character near the top right on the first one should be removed/smaller but overall it turned out insane

  10. The TFT poster came out fuego and appreciated the ideas and direction w the second design, color matching the water made a huge difference

  11. Dude…you’re amazing. At 5:35 I always run into this issue: the tittle not blending right with the background. I never thought to do what you did by just coloring some white to make it visually pleasing and more readable. Not only that but I learn how to structure/position things better thanks to your input. Again, you’re amazing. I wish to be at your level.

  12. I usually really like your redesigns, the 1st one was really good, but dawg the second one kinda gives my brain the ick I'm sorry but it just needed background work imo from the original

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