When you have 1 MINUTE to FIX a photo in Photoshop.

4 ways to make a photo look better in under a minute in Photoshop. Colin Smith shows you a Apply Image tips in Photoshop as well as other tips edit photos quicking.
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  1. Your superb Photoshop training and communication is greatly appreciated. Having watched an abundance of your educational videos I am for the first time hearing your use of a new descriptor (new to my awareness): “DENSITY”. Does density mean the concentration of either (or both) dark/light pixels? Inadequate tonal difference, variation?

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for another great video, Colin. My preference is the Camera Raw filter by far. The Apply Image method and the method of stacked layers both use a mathematical formula to blend the layers. I find that correction real life photo images with blending formulae can make images look better but more often than not they induce undesirable changes to other areas / pixels of the image. Camera RAW edits are a closer reflection of how images undergo optical modification and the adjustment functions in Camera Raw are more fine tuned to reality. Yes, you will usually spend more time using Camera Raw than Apply Image and Blending modes, which is OK if you only want to do a 10 sec image adjustment. But if you want to produce a more professional result, I think Camera Raw is the way to go.

  3. Colin, it never ceases to amaze me….just how MUCH is still available in the Older version of Photoshop (CS6) that I still use!!!! I LOVE your videos….when I can use them…..can't always, some too advanced for me!!! Doesn't mean I don't love them!!!👍

  4. Great tips. Is the apply image any different than creating a curves or levels adjustment layer with the appropriate blend mode (Multiple/Screen) and opacity?

  5. I'd dipped my toe into Apply Image before but I think was always too used to creating my own layers to make it stick as the way to do things, but it now seems a far more efficient way of making the kinds of corrections you make in the video. I'm using Apply Image from now on!

  6. Hadn't tried apply image for that sort of fix. Great tip!! And, it's the favourite. You certainly are consistently bringing new ideas to us!! A lot of them not seen on other channels – brilliant and thank you!

  7. I use camera raw all the time for exactly what you did with the helicopter. Apply image is new to me, so most definitely I am going to practice it. I really enjoy your videos and tips

  8. Thanks Colin! I watched this one a couple of times back to back to try to get the info to stick! I think my favorite is Apply Image with channel adjustments. I think that is what I need to do with the image I’m working on.

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