How To (Badly) Photoshop Yourself Like An Instagram Influencer | Instagram Vs Reality Ep. 23

Instagram influencers are running wild this month with liquify tool abuse, shrinking waist sizes, hot-dog fingers and glow in the dark teeth all making a return in this episode. Learn how these influencers have edited their photos to sell you an unrealistic beauty standard.

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  1. Great video! However the photo from 6:01 to 6:36 is an ad for Facetune, not a beauty product, therefore it makes sense that the images are the same and one has been poorly edited. You can see the Facetune app icon in the upper left-hand corner. Still a terrible edit, but no trickery here!

  2. why did you use a masculine hand as a source to fix a feminine hand? also, why use eyes sourced from a SEA person (i’m assuming they’re SEA, i cant fully tell) to fix a caucasian woman’s eyes? i don’t get it

  3. the voice over is too soothing omg I'd like to see a video on beauty standards in Western Asia – there's a range of awesome different appearances and diversity

  4. I still don’t know how some of these ‘professional models’ get away with photoshop jobs as bad as these

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