How to Create Patterns from Any Image! Plus Composite as Wallpapers and Textures.

Learn to use live previews for creating patterns in Photoshop. This tool allows you to preview how a pattern will repeat, allowing better patterns and making them is easier than ever.

After creating a custom pattern, we apply it as a composite to an image for use as wallpaper. This technique can be used in tons of applications.

Creating patterns has never been easier!

Download the sample PSD, Images and Patterns to follow along.

Download the Sample Images, Pattern and…


  1. Hi Aaron, enjoyed the latest video.
    I seem to recall there used to be an old school way of manually creating repeating patterns.
    Could you maybe do some video demos on the old school way to do things like create tile-able patterns? I really like seeing how to do it without depending on PS doing to 'for you'….
    Doing some videos of channel stuff would be fun too.
    Have a great week, looking forward to the next one!!

  2. Aaron Nace We can learn something new from each video. I enjoy watching your videos and get more and more interested in work. Thank you very much You will be in the heart.

  3. I'm baffled that I always learn some new trick, despite how many years I've spent with photoshop.. my embarrassing admission is that I thought I knew it all so I stopped watching Phlearn for a couple years.. lately however, I've learned how wrong I was and am so pleased you're still making these videos. Thanks for the years of knowledge, Aaron.

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