How to use perspective crop in Photoshop tutorial

Colin Smith shows you how to use the cropping features in photoshop CS6. see the many options of the GPU empowered crop tool in action. Straighten perspective and more with the perspective crop tool.

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  1. so if you "keep" the other pixels can you distort the whole image to correct its perspective outside the nominal cropping area ? It always bugged me that the old tool mandated cropping when I just wanted to fix the perspective…

  2. The perspective option in crop was there since I think Photoshop 6, but it works much better now. Before you had to pull out each handle from a crop and it was harder to know what it was going to look like, with limited overlays.

  3. The perspective Cropping tool has been there since atleast CS4. It just wasn't a tool by itself. Other than that, the new cropping tool features are pretty cool. 🙂

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