How You Can Use Photoshop Elements Perfect Landscape new Guided Edit Plus Do More in Expert Mode

Photoshop Elements Perfect Landscape
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Photoshop Elements 2021 added the new Perfect Landscape in Guided Edits. This new tool…


  1. hi George as an OAP. can't afford photoshop anymore so is PSE worth going back to again.if I do your training I remember was the best and all your videos were top class.also will your course work on a Mac

  2. Hi there! I just found you on YouTube and saw that you offer a very comprehensive training for elements 2021. I definitely plan on purchasing it but was wondering if a certain how to would be covered. Is there somewhere I could contact you for questions before my purchase? Thanks!

  3. Hi there, I like your videos but usually have to turn up the volume to watch them. I downloaded this one as a test. It runs at -12 Decibels at its highest output. Its a consistent -12.I used Adobe Audition to determine this.Typically you should be peaking just below 0 db's to match most of the content on the internet. I thought you might like to know this.

  4. Hey George, I have been a lurker way too long now. So I purchased your complete training. I look forward to begin, but more important: I look forward to up my photo editing quite a lot – with your help.

  5. I just saw your free YouTube trainings and was so impressed that I went to your site. Your prices for training courses are inexpensive and the quality is fantastic. I just purchased PSE 2021 and look forward to making it through the 12 hours! At about $3 per hour of learning, it’s hard to imagine a better deal. Thank you for sharing your expertise in such a friendly and simple way.

  6. George, by the good way this program masked the horse, I wonder if the masking tools have been improved a bit??? Your thoughts when you get a chance to mess with it. I have not gotten the program yet, still debating.

    Thank you for all you do!


  7. I agree with Belinda, in that I too would use Expert mode, but I do take your point that the Guided Edit is way quicker and does a pretty fair job. Thanks again for what you do, George – very much appreciated.

  8. HI George. Wow. A lot of work using the guided edit in 2021 to change sky background. I appreciate the work and detailed explanation you provided though. I personally would just stick with the expert mode for editing, but can see how it would be very helpful for a beginner. Glad to see you're back though. (Personally, I was getting a bit concerned.) Glad all is well with you. Stay safe.

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