More Crash Games; Sony Reuses Xbox’s Anthem Video?! – GS News Roundup

A bad photoshop job has been exposed on PlayStation’s Youtube channel, and Mass Effect: Andromeda is upping the difficulty for multiplayer!

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  1. Seeing that news about anthem made me laugh out loud. I had to get onto our team's groupchat just to brag about it to our resident sony fan. He is not swayed but the news at all. We'll still be trading in the old xbox when the X is out.

  2. i have mixed feelings about this… knowing activsion if they create a new crash game it would be called duty of crash bandicoot…. you run around shooting wumpa? fruit at snakes and mummys in 1st person view… but… i reaaaaallly want a new crash bandicoot in the naughty dog style… no fancy bells or whistles…but a pure rage inducing platform game

  3. SONY is pathetic. In their arrogance they seem to think all consumers are IDIOTS… like consumers are TOO STUPID to notice.
    The enabling by MEDIA BIAS and ignorant Sony FANBOYS is what helps make them feel so emboldened.
    SO quick to give them EXCUSES and a free pass no MATTER WHAT they do.
    They know there is NO WAY IN HELL their version will look ANYTHING like the XBoxOneX so they are fine with consumers DECEITFULLY bring misled.
    They ONLY took it down BECAUSE CONSUMERRS with COMMON SENSE called them out .
    SONY is a JOKE ( which is why Microsoft laughs) and they KEEP getting EXPOSED because they take for granted they can keep getting away with this kind if crap.

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