Photoshop Summer to Winter Tutorial with Snow Effect

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In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you a few tweaks you can apply to an image to transform a sunny Summer scene into a cold and snowy winter blizzard. The process starts with some colour adjustments to remove the warm hues, then we’ll add a white overlay to certain parts of the image to represent frost or snow. I’ll then show you some easy steps to add…


  1. just today I got your free resource map. I am speechless I am… there are soooo many things in there and for you to put all this time into that for us to download for free is just amazing. thank you so much

    also great content. on the whole of YT your tutorials must be by far the best.

  2. Hello my friend.
    I see your Photoshop tutorials in your site and YouTube . you are very professional photographer and Photoshop editor. i enjoy of your tutorials forever.
    i posted from Iran. excuse me i don t know well the English.

  3. All of your videos are fantastic, and have taught me so much….This one is something that I had never thought about using too much until now! Thank you! Great work!

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