Photoshop Tutorial: Erase Clothes Tool

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My buddy ended up sending me a link with a place to download this tool. It worked out pretty well I guess. It can be very dangerous though, you have to watch out and be careful with how you use it. I hope youtube doesn’t get mad at this…… I hope girls don’t get mad at this.

Message me with any tutorial topics or help you need finding the tool

If youtube does get mad at this, message me and then we can figure out how to make it work


  1. Guys… Take a hint, if hes HIDING the tool in the video and NOT putting a link for download, MAYBE, just maybe, its fake! He put those clothes on, takes the eraser tool and, this may come as a shock, ERASES THE CLOTHING! Ya and those "top" and "bottom" buttons that hes talking about… R the layers he has on top of the background

  2. You people are all idiots!! He's placed the clothes on a separate layer then erased them to show to original shot underneath. Duh!

  3. Guys, the tool is called creating a new layer on top of the person, and eraser tool. 🙂 Y'all are idiots if you think you can actually do this

  4. Its very funny but its fake it doesn't work like you doing.
    I am working with photoshop cs6 I can make it like you do.
    does someone know how can naked in photoshop cs6 plz replay
    me if someone knows

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