Portrait Retouching in Seconds! Full Photoshop Workflow

Download your FREE one-click retouching action here:

In this week’s episode, I’m revealing a powerful action I’ve created to make portrait retouching really easy in Photoshop.

This action takes care of all the boring things we do almost every time and sets you up with easy-to-use layers to do your final edits.



00:00:23 – The Photoshop Action Everyone Needs!
00:01:06 – Assessing the…


  1. Thanks a lot, you are a VERY pleasant instructor and Your work is really good.
    Thanks for the action that worked until I updated Photoshop to the newest Update, today – now non of the two actions Can run
    Please update for us, I am sure it is only a small thing 🤫

  2. You're so generous sharing this action. It's terrific. And I truly love the clarity of your video explanations. Thank you Kristina

  3. Kristina this is an awesome action, thank you very much. I have a few other portrait touch-ups from you via various PS4 seminars etc, does this now supercede them all ?

  4. Gee… over 200 commands – my PS is in German and PS is still not able to recognize English commands. I will have to re-record everything that PS doesn‘t recognize. So basically every layer that hasn‘t been renamed. I wish there would be an action to „translate“ actions 😆

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