Premiere Pro : How to Resize Video Clips and Images (Fast Tutorial)

A tutorial on how to resize video clips and images in Adobe Premiere Pro.
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  1. You just saved my ass. Am just here in my office sitting in my chair dancing weaving my hands in air Hope no one passes by to watch me. Thanks a bunch

  2. I feel stupid cuz I'm an advanced expert in After Effects but I just got a gig where they wanted me to use premiere pro. It's almost like having to start over. xD

  3. This is a great video. All I wanted to do was to just set the screen-size of the video to be exported. And the expert settings had no features that simply allow us to set the screen-size. It was stupid – considering the export area had areas that made it 'appear' as if users could choose a different screen-size. Going to 'sequence' and then needing to choose 'sequence settings' —- is nobody would ever think of doing. It's somewhat stupid in terms of design. But this video is excellent. It shows us what to do straight away! Thanks very much.

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