Render in ACES and export it to Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop

In this video, we have a closer look at how to Render in ACES and how to export it to compositing apps like Nuke, After Effects, and Photoshop.
We cover also how you have to set up these apps to work correctly with ACES.
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  1. Sadly, the link from fnord for the plugin is blank. There's also the Alex Fry method, but I can't get that working because PS keeps giving an error when you try to load in the .csp colour lookup.

  2. Rather than applying a gamma adjustment manually, you can also apply a second pass through the OCIO plugin: transform from “Utility – sRGB – Texture” to “Utility – Linear – sRGB”. So if you save that out as a second LUT, you can apply both LUTs in a stack for a clean and easily recallable transformation.

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