White Background Product Photography | Full Walkthrough & Photoshop Edit | Translucent Item

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Get your acrylic shooting table

Lighting white background product photography for a clean edit, can be challenging with entry level equipment. By combining speedlights and Photoshop, we discover how to photograph products on a white background with an emphasis on compositing. Whether you’re photographing products for Amazon, Etsy or another e-commerce…


  1. Wonderful video! I need to shoot an acrylic display case with collectibles inside. Hopefully some of these techniques will come in handy. On a different note, I need a new backdrop support system. What you using @workphlo?

  2. Hi Dustin. I cannot find the Acrylic bottle support. I already gave the metal one. Please tell me where to find it. Also, can you do a video on client acquisition and the business of product photography please?

  3. I can’t believe I never knew about using shift while brushing to get straight lines. Your walkthroughs are always so helpful!

  4. I love how fast an loose you are with the light, it shows both technical proficiency, but also that this isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need Broncolor or anything crazy to make top notch work. Just a firm understanding of the fundamentals and practice.


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